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The Saudi Solutions’s Analytics as a Service puts the power of data in the hands of everyone so they can make more informed decisions, develop new revenue streams, improve customer experiences, and more.

This fully-managed, end-to-end service brings your multi-source, multi-format data together in the cloud. Then The Saudi Solutions helps with advanced analytics and visualizations to ensure business users and data scientists alike get what they need from the data.

Who It’s For


Align more closely with your business. Give users access to the data they need by breaking down silos, without losing control. Easily scale data as volumes grow.


Deliver valuable insights to business users without creating ad hoc reports. Help users self-serve data so you can stay focused on strategic initiatives, not delivering ad hoc reports.


Improve asset utilization, enhance fraud detection, control expenses, effectively track KPIs, and optimize your supply chain.


Get a 360-degree view of marketing performance. Integrate multi-source data to answer questions and quickly identify the best combination of tactics to meet your goals.


Make more informed decisions. Deliver a complete picture of business performance to your customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders with advanced dashboards.

Product Management

Understand SaaS product performance. Create and embed analytics in your systems and applications.  Build machine learning and IoT capabilities into your products quicker.

Customer Success

Get a 360° holistic view of your customers’ experience by accessing more high-quality data from both internal and external sources. Predict churn, make recommendations for cross- and upselling.


View financial performance and other metrics from across your organization to make better decisions.  Support your compliance initiatives with complete data.

How It Helps

Analytics as a Service is an end-to-end cloud-based solution that ingests and integrates data from multiple sources into a fully-managed data hub, then enables you to create outputs like dashboards, models, and data products that turn your data into value.

Access to ALL Your Data

No more data silos. Just a single platform with an integrated data repository that includes sandboxes for data scientists, self-service analytics for business users and data services for embedding into your applications.

Fastest Time to Value

Expert teams, an agile approach, support for the industry’s most available visualization tools and a focus on outcomes puts real results in the hands of users in weeks, not months.

Lowest Costs

Use of modular design, automation, cloud, and open source technologies coupled with working closely with our customers results in the lowest possible costs and ongoing enhancements every single month.

Why The Saudi Solutions?

The Saudi Solutions’s agile, experienced teams not only understand technology, they understand your business needs and how to deliver better outcomes faster.

Our experts have deep knowledge of cloud, big data, analytics, open source, automation and machine learning, so you don’t have to.

Kick AaaS is delivered using our unique white glove approach to continually deliver ongoing value at every step of your project.

Not ready for an end-to-end solution yet?

Start with a strategy consultation and data analytics readiness assessment. We work closely with your business units and IT team to determine the right solution today while creating a plan to support your future needs.

Contact us to arrange a consultation.

Find Out More

AAAS is available on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.