Cloud Services

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Achieve full value from the cloud.

Whether it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure or private cloud, when you move workloads to the cloud, you gain a scalable, flexible, cost-effective environment. With the low cost of entry, you can quickly start developing competitive applications at a fraction of the cost of running them in-house.

A subscription to The Saudi Solutions’s CloudRamp service gives you access to all of our technical resources. Our cloud experts can help you get more from your next cloud deployment through Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, Cloud Application and Cloud Managed Services. We can help whether you need to install, migrate, develop or customize your cloud-based IT assets from on-premises into a public or private environment.

Cloud Consulting Services

Why are we moving to the cloud? How do we measure ROI? What risks and/or challenges do we need to address? We help you answer these questions then create a roadmap that ensures you reach your business goals in the cloud.

We help you optimize factors like timing, cost, and budget as you migrate your workloads to the cloud, then help you take advantage of advanced cloud capabilities like automation, NoOps, infrastructure as code and serverless architectures to help you efficiently manage your cloud workloads on an ongoing basis.

Cloud Managed Services

We help you plan, implement, manage your workloads the across multiple cloud platforms and providers. This helps you leverage automated operation frameworks in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Our 20 years of managed services experience and flexible service packages mean you get the experienced expertise when you need it. Mix and match the services you need to get more from your cloud environment.

Cloud Migration Services

Migrate painlessly. Benefit from our deep cloud expertise.

We provide a unique blend of traditional database knowledge, DevOps, and certified expertise with the top cloud platforms to help you whether you’re migrating to, from or within Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or private cloud(s).

Cloud Application Services

We can help you get to the cloud so your applications are scalable and reliable, resulting in the best possible experience for your customers.

With our DevOps and automation expertise, we can help you set up testing environments, take advantage of infrastructure as code, and deploy containers for better reliability and portability of applications.

Cloud Services for the Leading Public Cloud Vendors

We have strong partnerships with the top cloud vendors and offer some of the industry’s leading cloud expertise.