IT Managed Services

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Hierarchical viability is the way to effectively putting your methodology without hesitation, and your IT foundation assumes a noteworthy part of this procedure. Indeed, even the best organizations battle when they don’t have the apparatuses and bolster they have to appropriately execute.
With oversaw IT administrations from The Saudi Solutions, you have somebody who knows your business and your objectives see how you function and is consistently attempting to discover better approaches to enable you to succeed. You have the significant serenity that this basic business duty is dealt with so you can center on what’s most essential to you: maintaining your business.

Database Consulting

In today’s world, numerous organizations use large, relational databases, so a basic understanding of SQL is a great employable skill for almost everyone.

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Cloud Integration & Support

Clients rely on our expertise to assess their options and, if the cloud aligns with their objectives, recommend solutions and ensure a smooth cloud integration.

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Help Desk Support

The Saudi Solutions Helpdesk services provide our customers with round-the-clock support, and dedicated customer care representatives, without the high costs associated with providing an in-house Helpdesk.

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Clouding Storage

The Saudi Solutions manage and maintain service levels regardless of your preferred infrastructure or platform (e.g., cloud, software-as-a-service, data center) using a unified approach.

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Cloud Solutions

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the cloud can bring the speed, flexibility, and cost savings you are seeking. But given the complexity of environments and mission-critical workloads, moving data and IT infrastructure to, and running on, a new environment can be challenging.

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Remote & Onsite Support

IT Support With an Emphasis on Communication Our clients know that with The Saudi Solutions, they can always expect the best support in the industry. Not sure which IT company is right for you? Use our Managed Service Provider Selection Worksheet to help you determine whether or not your current options line up with your needs.

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CIO Services & IT Consulting

The rate of change in IT is increasing by the day. CIOs and business executives have more choices for tools and services than ever before, but deciding what’s right for your business (and budget) is more difficult than ever.

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Cyber Security

Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Essential IT Security Steps. Don’t risk leaving your data open to cyber attacks. Make sure your basic steps are covered by downloading our Practical Guide to Small Business Security.

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Internet & VoIP

With the right VoIP and internet solutions in place, your small business can connect better, get more done and achieve voice and data cost-efficiency. From data and voice to integrated connections and multiple location setups, we’re happy to share our recommendations and ensure you’re following best practices.

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Network Setup & Support

As a small business, your network is a significant investment. With The Saudi Solutions, you have a capable, dedicated team of problem-solvers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that if you have any issues, you always have someone to talk to.

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System Management & Monitoring

System management and monitoring provide customers use resources such as hardware and software in the workplace more efficiently; reduce costs with the help of less labor and provide immediate responses to problems such as system outages.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

we’re committed to keeping you up and running. That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of disaster recovery services that protect your data from today’s most dangerous and pervasive threats.

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