Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The Saudi Solutions keeps your systems running and your data safe.

Very few things can execute an organization overnight. Be that as it may, information misfortune and business intrusion can cost you thousands and put you bankrupt in a matter of hours.

Regardless of whether it’s caused by a power disappointment in your building or a ransomware infection keeping you out of your framework, the outcome is the same: your business is imperiled.

The evaluated normal cost* of an hour of downtime is $8,000 for private ventures, $74,000 for averagely sized organizations and $700,000 for huge organizations. It’s the cost of not looking forward.

At The Saudi Solutions, we’re focused on keeping you up and running. That is the reason we give a far-reaching scope of catastrophe recuperation benefits that shield your information from the present most hazardous and inescapable dangers.


With regards to nearby recuperation, it’s about speed. With customary tape reinforcements, reestablishing your tasks could take days. With our Backup and Disaster Recovery Device, we can recuperate your information in minutes, failover whole servers in under 60 minutes, and even reestablish your business information should your office consume to the ground.

The Saudi Solutions additionally shields yours on location reinforcements from cutting-edge ransomware, which has started to target outer hard drives and the reinforcements put away on them, notwithstanding your creation information.


Over-the-wire reinforcements shield your business from even the most devastating debacles. The Saudi Solutions can send your information to numerous topographically segregated server farms, which have assurances including excess power, warming/cooling, and Internet network.

Your information is scrambled amid the whole procedure, so you don’t need to stress over delicate data being caught or stolen.


Recuperation Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective are measures of misfortune resilience. Basically, what amount of information would you say you will lose, and to what extent would you say you will be down, without leaving the business?

When you adjust these objectives with the cost of your reinforcement answer for deciding a limit, we must beat it. We work with entrepreneurs to decide the perfect blend of cost and RPO/RTO, so you get the scope you require. Standard The Saudi Solutions on location reinforcements are at one time 60 minutes, consistently, with the goal that any information misfortune is negligible and reparable.


Catastrophe recuperation requires steady checking and the capacity to rapidly raise if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.

The Saudi Solutions deals with the everyday audit and upkeep of your recuperation frameworks, which implies you never need to stress over disregarding the points of interest.

In the event that an issue emerges, The Saudi Solutions experts are prepared to handle issues before they can make harm your business.


Each business has distinctive frameworks, prerequisites, and assets. The Saudi Solutions offers exhaustive bundles to guarantee finish scope, and can likewise work to redo our answers for your one of a kind prerequisites. We can set you up with one or a mix of the accompanying:

  • A Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Device, which incorporates all the important equipment, programming, offsite capacity, and the capacity to failover when your generation equipment is affected
  • Quick and stable reinforcement stockpiling
  • Picture based reinforcement programming
  • Specialists to deal with your reinforcements and the recuperation procedure
  • Custom answers to meet your novel business necessities

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