Microsoft Azure

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Consulting, implementation, and managed services for cloud in Microsoft Azure and hybrid environments.

The Saudi Solutions’s answers for Microsoft Azure can help at all phases of your application lifecycle and cloud development to inspire you to showcase rapidly with inventive industry demonstrated arrangements, tweaked to meet your present and arranged business needs.


The Saudi Solutions’s Solutions for Microsoft Azure

  • Official innovation training
  • Cloud engineering and innovation determination
  • Cloud availability evaluation
  • Cloud guide design
  • Cloud business case
  • Cloud POC
  • Cloud arrangement and stage creation
  • Applications movement design
  • Propelled mechanization
  • Constant Integration
  • Constant Delivery
  • Application and information movement
  • Checking
  • Overseen improvement and operations

The Saudi Solutions’s Expertise in Data & Storage for Azure

Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Managed relational SQL Database-­as-­a-­service
Microsoft Azure Redis Cache
  • High throughput, low latency data access to build fast and scalable applications
Microsoft Azure StorSimple
  • Hybrid cloud storage for enterprises reduces costs and improves data security
Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Elastic data warehouse-­as-­a-­service with enterprise-­class features
Microsoft Azure DocumentDB
  • Managed NoSQL document Database­-as-­a-­service
Microsoft Azure Storage: Blobs, Tables, Queues, Files, and Disks
  • Durable, highly available and massively scalable cloud storage
Microsoft Azure Search
  • Fully-­managed search­-as-­a-­service
Microsoft Azure SQL Server Stretch Database
  • Dynamically stretch SQL Server database to Azure

The Saudi Solutions’s Expertise in Data Analytics for Azure

Data Lake Analytics
  • Distributed analytics services that make big data easy
Microsoft Azure HDInsight
  • Provision managed Hadoop clusters
Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics
  • Real-­time stream processing
Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Elastic data warehouse­-as-­a-­service with enterprise-­class features
Data Lake Store
  • Hyperscale repository for big data analytics workloads
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  • Powerful cloud-­based predictive analytics
Microsoft Azure Data Factory
  • Orchestrate and manage data transformation and movement
Microsoft Azure Data Catalog
  • Data source discovery to get more value from existing enterprise data assets

Relocate your workloads to the cloud by embracing operational prescribed procedures and current arrangement plan. From working out DevOps work processes to information pipelines to cutting edge application designs, we enable you to get an incentive from your IT foundation. We additionally help make your groups more lean and nimble to expand programming speed—all while guaranteeing to progress and secure everyday operations.

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By putting the energy of information examination in the hands of your business clients, they can improve, more educated choices consistently. The Saudi Solutions Analytics as a Service for Microsoft Azure influences this conceivable, letting you saddle the capability of your information to enhance business results, without surrendering control of important information resources for a product merchant or defocusing your IT and BI groups.

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The Saudi Solutions DevOps change administrations will assess your current IT condition, make a lithe application lifecycle, and deal with the operational wellbeing of your applications and administration. The outcome is momentous operational greatness and accessibility at any scale, and the capacity rapidly dispatches new administrations and abilities that meet business and client needs.

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The Saudi Solutions Big Data administrations give altered Microsoft Azure enormous data solutions worked for cloud scale, information preparing, and capacity. The Saudi Solutions big data arrangements and administrations group have broad mastery with the complete scope of Microsoft Azure huge information and information investigation services including Virtual machines, HDInsights and Machine Learning.

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Certifications and Credentials

  • Gold Data Platform Partner
  • Silver Cloud Platform Partner
  • Microsoft Certified Master
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert